KING DELUXE Traditional Japanese Knife Sharpening Waterstones #300 Review

KING DELUXE Traditional Japanese Knife Sharpening Waterstones #300

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[Application] Great for general blade sharpening. [Features] The coarse 300 grit surface quickly repairs worn or damaged edges. Since it is not water-absorbing stone, there is no need to absorb it in water before use. But please make sure pouring water when using. [Types of Whetstone & how to choose] 1.When the knife is nicked: Coarse stone ( #80 – #400 ) 2.When the knife is dulled: Medium stone ( #700 – #1200 ) 3.More sharpen: Finishing stone (#3000 – #8000 ) [How to use of Sharpening stone] 1.Please stabilize the whetstone. The knife blade should be kept at an angle of 15-20 on the whetstone. 2.Pour water while sharpening. 3.Blade type : Single-edged knife should be sharpened 90% on the surface and sharpened 10% on back. Double-edged knife Double-edged knife should be sharpened both sides equally. 4.After Sharpening, lightly sharpen the back of knife about few times to remove the burrs. [Maintenance] Whetstone is getting dented time by time, so it is necessary to maintenance by water-resistant paper or abrasive paper. After using the whetstone, wash it by water, and dry in shaded area. King Deluxe is a product developed as a grinding wheel for sharpening every knife made of special abrasive, so quality is permanent and the sharpness remains. The King sharpening stones have solved problems such as the damage to the sharpening stone given by the point of a knife, and unbalanced or uneven hardness of the sharpening stone. With a long-time experience, our artificial sharpening stone shows more sharpness then other natural sharpening stones. The product is made in Japan and conforms to the exacting standards of a skilled sushi chef, a line of culinary work where a sharp knife can make the difference between a delectable piece of fish and something altogether inedible.

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